University of Chichester

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The University of Chichester is a public university located in West Sussex, England which became a university in 2005. Campuses are based in the city of Chichester and the nearby coastal resort of Bognor Regis and an associate campus for music production on the Isle of Wight.

Today its many teaching and research specialisms include: Humanities ; Social Sciences ; Media Studies and Media Production, Music and Performing Arts; and Sports Studies and Education. Its heritage stretches back into the nineteenth century when, in 1839, Bishop Otter College was established. As of 2013, major expansion-led building works have been undertaken through National Lottery Funding and other subscriptions which includes a large Sports Facility, Student Support, Library, Academic Hub and proposed new Media Production facilities to launch the University into a new phase of competitive relevant industry-related educational and training provision for the south-east region.

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